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Time Travel

So my friends and I were sat in the dinner hall, complete silence and trying to think of what to say. After an amount of giggling about the eerily awkward silence (and my friends' tuna pasta looking like cat food!), we started talking about if we could time travel, where would we go?

For starters, it just got me thinking when nobody said that they would go into the future. Surely a lot of people would say that, to see what they would turn out like in, say, 30 years time? When I questioned my friends about it they either said that they wouldn't want to see how they turned up in case they regretted it, or they simply wouldn't want to spoil it for themselves.

But having the friends I have, they all chose back in time. Some chose the Tudor period (mainly because of the women's extravagant dresses and jewelery) and others chose early 20th century (because the wars hadn't started yet and it was just coming out of the Victorian era).

I, personally, would have chosen somewhere in the middle ages. I've always loved learning about the middle ages (one of the reasons I became hooked onto Robin Hood) especially the castles as they would have been back then.

And ever since lunch I've been thinking about it all. How wonderful would it truly be if scientists really did find a way to travel into time sometime soon?

First post!

I've never had one of these before. I thought I'd get started though, seeing as many others have (and I didn't want to feel left out!).

I thought it'd be a good idea to just jot down the things I've done each day in a journal like this. Just little things. So that, sometime in the future (if I hopefully carry on with this far enough into the future) I can look back and laugh at the silly things I have worried about, or the funny things I had got up to during some day. A little 'scrapbook' of my life will be something to enjoy sitting down and reading about a few months (maybe even years) down the line.

Also it seems a great place to be able to rant away to my hearts content; something I enjoy, and am good at, doing best :D



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